Each summer, the UCLA Design | Media Arts department hosts a Summer Institute, a two-week program for high school students to explore media art and creation, ranging from graphics and web to audio and video design. I was asked to design the website and style guide for this year's Summer Institute according to the 2018 theme of "Worlds". 
I wanted to create a more abstract, conceptual representation of landscapes through use of simple and organic shapes that could easily be manipulated and rearranged to form a variety of different worlds, encouraging creative interpretation and reconstruction of them. The undulating topographies are left abstract enough to be ambiguous in identity - whether as hills, waves, lava or some other mysterious substance. Use of colors in conventional and unconventional placements are meant to challenge our conception of our typical world where water is blue, grass is green, and mountains are often darker cool hues. A subtle gradient and grain was added to create depth and texture to the clean-cut shapes and produce a collage-like feel. 
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