8" x 8.5"

For this project, I chose to design a single album cover for the song “It All Began with a Burst” by Kishi Bashi. Kishi Bashi’s music is often categorized as experimental, psychedelic indie pop and is characterized by the mixture and overlapping of repeating rhythms and sounds. I chose “It All Began with a Burst” because of its unique harmonies, as well as its ambiguous and nonsensical, yet alluring lyrics. This playful song was one I felt I would enjoy capturing through type. Eight exercises were given with a set of specific parameters restricting font, type size, style and weight.  For each exercise, five album designs were created, leading to forty album covers in total.  With each successive exercise, more typographic elements were permitted. In all of the designs I aimed to capture the song’s consistent, as well as free movement of sounds in the patterns. Straight dashes and slashes were used to illustrate the repetitive clapping rhythm throughout the song. On the other hand, periods illustrated the playful melodies that trickle and bounce over the steady background beats. 
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