UCLA4ALL is a mutual aid organization founded by UCLA alumni and students to support and advocate for unhoused neighbors around the Westwood area. Each week, even through the pandemic, they faithfully outreach to unhoused neighbors, helping supply basic needs, such as meals, water, hygiene kits, tents, and charging stations. I was connected with them during the summer of 2020, as they were beginning to formally establish themselves as an organization and had the privilege of redesigning their identity and developing a visual system for their social media and marketing assets. 

LA street signage served as primary inspiration for the logo and visual system of UCLA4ALL. The aim was to take this visual signage that typically hinders and restricts human presence and flip it into visuals that instead encourage and inform us on how to better support and show up for our unhoused neighbors. The signage aesthetic, designed for readability and boldness, also provides a stronger visual voice to advocate for the issues UCLA4ALL is passionate about. 


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